Beginner Percussion

Thurs -  2:15 to 3:15PM

Beginner Jazz Ensemble

M/W - 2:15 to 3:15PM

Advanced Jazz Ensemble

M/W - 6:20 to 7:20AM

Staff Meetings:

Tues - No rehearsals.

Mike Yaros, Director of Bands

Contact Info:


Fort Gratiot Middle School

3985 Keewahdin Rd

Fort Gratiot, MI 49059

Email: myaros@phasd.us

Office tel: (810) 984-6544, ext. 2221

Cell: (810) 882.1377 call or text

March 2020

Band Festival 2020

Friday March 6th

7th Grade performs at 4:25PM

8th Grade performs at 7:35 PM

North Branch HS

Full timeline is as follows:

Friday, March 6, 2020

7th & 8th Grade Only

 (District Band Festival at North Branch HS)


2:15PM – 7th Grade Bus Departs from FGMS

3:15PM -  7th arrival at North Branch HS

4:00PM – 7th grade warm-up at NBHS

4:25PM – 7th Grade Performance

5:00PM – 7th Grade Sight Reading

5:30PM – 7th Grade concludes

                  8th Grade Bus departs FGMS

6:30PM – 7th grade bus arrives at FGMS

                  8th grade bus arrival at NBHS

7:00PM – 8th grade warm-up at NBHS

7:35PM – 8th grade performance

8:00PM – 8th grade sight reading

8:30PM – 8th grade concludes

9:30PM – 8th grade bus arrives at FGMS

Students may ride the bus both ways, or a parent may drive them.  If you are leaving festival with a parent, you must be signed out with the parent and the student reporting to me together before you leave.  If you plan on carpooling or driving with another student, you must fill out special paperwork.

7th grade should plan on wearing uniforms to school Friday as we will leave right when school is out.

8th Grade Uniform Tips:


ALL uniforms will need to be adjusted.  There are virtually no exceptions. 


They will need to be shortened, and in some cases, taken in at the back (for the dresses).


You do not need to make a stitched alteration if you find that a safety pin will hold the material in place.


Pants and dresses should fall the length of the leg to the bridge of the foot.  (Middle of foot)



Use hem tape

Make a permanent or intense hem stitch

Wear your uniform for any event other than band performances.

Keep any part of the uniform permanently, other than the tuxedo shirt/black shirt that you own.